We have a law that states you can’t profit from an illegal act. CA and NY are breaking federal laws in harboring and sheltering illegals. Counting non-Citizens here illegally allows them to profit from an illegal act. They get billions in federal tax dollars. They keep extra seats in the House.  Using American’s federal tax dollars to pay for illegals is forcing us to aid and abet in your criminal activities.

How is allowing them to profit from an illegal act also not political?  ICE will never see the Census results.   The Citizenship question will tell us how many Americans and now many non-Americans are counted.   Why should non-citizens be part of the $880 Billion split of our federal tax dollars.   It is 5 States that have and protect illegals mainly.

 Counting illegals in the census devalues each American by 8%.  It rewards states with extra House seats.  Extra electoral seats votes.  Extra revenue.  It deprives us of not only tax dollars but degrades our votes for President of the United States.Even if it is 1% of the 486 House seats shifted from CA, NY, IL, and NJ, that would be 5 seats for the House and Electoral College.