We are still working on grammar and spell checking this document. It is also being expanded and changed as new ideas are sent in. Sorry for any mistakes.

1.) Founding Fathers’ Return Powers to the States Act
  i.Our Founding Fathers carefully crafted the US Constitution, along with its Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence to allow for States’ rights over the Federal Government
  ii. We will go back to their wishes that certain tasks be performed at the State level.
  iii. Federal Government was responsible for treaties with foreign powers, US military to protect us from an external threat
  iv. Avoid a tyranny from controlling the United States with a weak President and three branches to the US Federal Government
  v. Explore new regions of the territory land that makes up the country, done.
  vi. Make sure our local governments had fair elections and laws to protect local populations
  vii. All U.S. Government workers that have had their departments returned to the states will be reassigned into processing the millions of illegals returning across the border under the Illegal Alien Jobs Act. It will require a huge number of staff to quickly process these workers.

Many departments of the US Federal Government were setup to remove powers from states and shift them to Washington DC. This was not in the minds of the Founding Fathers. The Civil War was fought over State’s rights. Only 1.8% of property owners in the US owned slaves. Many of these property owners can be traced back to the oligarchs of the British Empire. They were given our land because they were loyal subjects of the crown. The land was passed through generations of these oligarch families. Millions of men who did not own slaves fought the war over States’ rights. The right for their state and their directly elected officials to make their laws they lived under, not King Lincoln.

We must form a Constitutional Convention every 10 years to address the power that Washington DC has shifted and have the people decide on returning them to the States. The US Supreme Court’s mandate should be only on issues that are related directly to the US Constitution and its Bill of Rights. It is not an interpreted document that the progressive judges considers it to be. We need the Constitutional Convention to change decisions by the Supreme Court that the American people as a whole vote on. How can you say there are equal branches of power when the Supreme Court’s final rules stand over Congress, WH and the American people. The American People should get the final decision as a nation.

2.) Audit the Government, Fed and Pentagon Act
  a. The American people have the right to know the actual assets and debts of the United States Government
            i. City
            ii. County
      iv. Federal Government
  b. We need a audit of the physical reserves of the United States of America
            i. Gold
           ii. Silver
           iii. Other metals
           iv. Bonds
           v. Certificate
           vi. Land
  c. We have a right for a full and comprehensive tax return of every jurisdiction in the country
  d. The Pentagon needs to have every project even top secret ones audited to make sure we are properly spending our tax dollars
  e. Food Stamp Programs and Welfare
  f. Each department
  g. ACA, Medicare and Medicaid
  h. Etc.
  i. Value of each parcel of federal land along with profits and losses made from them
  j. Value of mineral rights under the federal lands and off our coasts

3.) Constitutional Convention Act
  a. Every 10 years, the American people will vote on a Constitutional Convention
      committee to review the three branches of the Federal Government
            i. Judicial Branch including the Supreme Court
            ii. Executive Branch
           iii. Legislative Branch
  b.This convention will have the power to remove any branch of Government from power
      by a vote of the American people based on a similar electoral college system
            i. This will ensure every vote counts equally
  c. This convention will have the power to change rulings of the Supreme Court with a
      electoral college style majority want changed. The American people will have the
      power over the Federal Branches of Government.
  d. It will be similar to a no-confidence vote as many governments around the world have
      except it will be from the people of the United States not minority parties in
  e. The American people can decide that a Constitutional Convention is not needed by a
      down vote.

4.) Constitutional Term Limits bill
  a. One 6 year term for President in a lifetime
  b. Two 4 year terms for Congress in a lifetime
  c. Rubio-Obama amendment: You must resign your elected seat, when you announce
      you are running for President
            i. Your state party appoints someone to fill your seat. This counts as their first of
            two terms
            ii. NASCAR Uniforms for all members of Congress that show all Super PAC or
          Lobbyist money given to the campaign
            iii. You must exempt yourself from voting on any bill that you received funding from
  d. One 10 year term for elected judges in a lifetime. Judges have proven to the American
        people that they consider themselves Kings and Queens on the bench. Their ruling
        are not based on actual law but progressive views of how socialism should work in a
  e. A judge can serve 10 years on Federal Judicial Bench and 10 years on the Supreme Court
  f. All elected Officials and Judges must retired at 72, even if their term is not completed
  g. All elected officials are not allowed to lobby elected members of our government in
        their lifetime.
  h. Federal judges including for the Supreme Court are picked by the US President and
        voted on by the people of the United States of America. We can no longer trust the
       Senate with advise and consent.

5.) Constitutional Elected Official Benefits Act
  a. No elected official can keep benefits beyond 2 years after leaving office including
  b. Special privilege

6.) Retired Elected Officials Speaking Fee Act
  a. All speaking fees from retired elected officials will be used to pay down the national
        debt. You cannot use your elected office for profit.

7.) Election War Chest Act
  a. Any donated money left over from an election campaign will be used to pay down the
        national debt or go to public projects outside your state. They cannot be used the
        elected official’s home state.

8.) Elected Official Medical Insurance Act
  a. The President, Congress, staff and members of their family will receive the same
        treatment as our veterans and military personnel. They must use the same VA
       facilities in their districts as the vets use. I want to see John Mc Cain use the VA
        hell hole in Phoenix.

9.) Bread Basket of the World Act
  a. We reclaim all farm land on the Mississippi from corporate farming and return it to the original family farms.
  b. It will be a federal offense to use food crops to create ethanol. Food is a right not a privilege.
            i. You can use grass, algae or lobbyists to make ethanol
            ii. Food crops can only be used to feed cattle and humans
  c. We no longer pay farmers not to grow food or redirect food to other sources
  d. We remove the flood controls on the Mississippi to allow the natural silt to replenish the land
  e. Cities will be moved off of farm land and the land reclaimed to grow food over time.
  f. We allow the natural spring flooding by removing all barriers that the Army Corp of Engineers placed on this river
  g. No more GMO seeds in the US.
  h. We reduce the usage of fertilizers and pesticides damaging our environment
  i. We go back to properly managing our land to feed the world.

10.) UN / WTO freedom act
  a. We resign from the UN and WTO
  b. We evict the UN HQ from US soil
  c. Turn UN HQ and all other UN offices into homes for our veterans

11.) Freedom Canal Act and Land Reclamation Act
  a. A shipping canal from Texas to San Diego
  b. 4 locks wide
  c. Can handle the Maersk Super Haulers and every US Navy ship
  d. Water levels 10 foot below edge
  e. All workers on it must of US citizens not foreign workers
  f. All materials must be US made
  g. The dirt will be used to rebuild the marsh lands that used to protect the US from flooding from Maine to Texas. Each mile of marsh land reduces storm surge 1 foot. 15 miles of marsh land would protect us from most hurricanes.
  h. Billionaire’s row will be removed from our coasts. Lobbyists gave sweet heart deals on flood insurance to many groups to build on our coasts. These buildings would be removed and the land reclaimed as public beach and marshes to protect our nation from flooding
  i. All insurance will be based on the risk and actual costs of usage of it. Pricing will be set back on risk vs. rebuilding costs only. Build in a fire zone or flood plain, you pay actual risk costs. No special rates from Congress or other sources.
  j. The Freedom Canal Act and Bread Basket of the World Act would allow us to provide food to feed the world. The socialists use food as a weapon. Rebuilding of all ports in the U.S. would allow the 19,000 container Maersk Super Haulers to transport our food to world.
  k. Expand all ports to allow these Maersk Super Haulers to dock and get loaded with American products

12.) Veterans Appreciation Act
  a. Life time benefits including full college education
  b. We will provide all assistance necessary for our vets
  c. They will get priority over welfare recipients
            i. All veterans would receive a card that allows 100% medical treatment at any
                facility in the US
            ii. It would cover at no cost to them
           iii. Mental health
            iv. Alcohol Rehab
            v. Drug Rehab
            vi. Any treatments that they require for full recovery
           vii. They will get priority over welfare recipients
           viii. Active duty troops fly free. We raise ticket prices $15 to cover them.
                  a.) They deserve our thanks and help
                  b.) The active soldier can help with idiots on the plane
           ix. Replace TSA agents at airports with retired veterans and police officers

13.) Illegal Alien Act
  a. We will mimic the laws of Mexico for illegal aliens coming over our Southern border.
            i. 5 year prison terms and deportation
            ii. Second offense: 10 years in prison and deportation
            iii. Third offense: 30 years in prison and deportation
            iv. No parole
  b. Workers may apply at the border for an agricultural work permit that allows them to
        work he farms in the US at a decent wage.
  c. Any worker that does 40 quarters of full time agricultural work may apply for a guest
        worker II permit to apply for other jobs.
  d. Children of the people coming to the US to give birth only no longer receive
        citizenship for being born on US soil.

14.) Illegal Alien Jobs Act
  a.Current illegal alien workers in the US can apply for special guest worker II permits
  b. You must get a letter from current employer
  c. You must have documentation on the following
  d. Your employer paid all the taxes that a US citizen would have paid and the social security number it was filed under
  e. Current address that you were living at
  f. Submit fingerprints to verify you did not commit crimes on US soil
  g. Submit to drug testing
You will be given a special number to track you and the taxes paid on your behalf. You will file IRS forms the same as any US citizen. If an American citizen applies for your job and is qualified, they will take your job. You will learn English and follow our laws and customs. You will have 5 years to take an English proficiency exam. You may not take a job from a US Citizen that is qualified.

15.) US Foreign Investment bill
  a. We will use similar laws for other nations on purchasing land or businesses in the US on foreign investment.
  b. Many countries don’t allow foreign nationals from buying property in their country.
  c. Our law will enforce the person or corporation home laws in our country.
  d. If your country of origin doesn’t allow foreign investment, you can’t do it in the US.

Our laws will mimic your laws.

16.) American Worker Act
  a. Priority must be made to fill all jobs with US citizens.
  b. Mentorships and paid internships to train US workers.
  c. You can’t write off the costs of foreign workers you bring to the US.
            i. Wages
            ii. Transportation costs
            iii. Benefits
            iv. Etc.

17.) Sheriff Joe Arpaio Maximum Security Illegal Migrant Detention Center in Arizona
  a. Sheriff Joe Arpaio runs this facility in the Arizona desert
  b. They follow his current detention methods of tent housing
  c. They follow all his current feeding protocols
  d. It is ran as his current facilities in Maricopa County

18.) US Federal Literacy Act
  a. All US citizens must be able to read and write at a 12th grade level
  b. Priority is made on K-5 reading and writing programs
  c. All US citizens will receive free reading and writing education at any age, no student
        should graduate without completing this Act.
  d. We can’t train our workers if they can’t read and write at a high school diploma level.

19.) Net Neutrality and Internet Freedom Act
  a. All data packets are created equal. No packet can be slowed down or sped up for any
  b. No phone or internet data plans will have capped limits. All plans will be unlimited
        and data rates will not slow.
  c. You paid for your bandwidth 24x7x365, and you will receive 100% of what you pay
        for or the ISP must give you credit for that day.
  d. All Americans will have minimal internet standards at their homes
  e. All homes will have internet at FCC high speed levels
            i. Each ISP doing business in a county must provide infrastructure to rural homes
            based on the percentage of business in that county. If you have 20% of customers
            of that county, you must provide rural infrastructure to 20% of the homes without
            internet connections in that county. We are paying a fee for rural internet that is
            not being spent on it.
            ii. No ISP can charge a content provider fees for what its customers want to view
            or use. We are paying you for the bandwidth already. You can’t double dip.
  f. All cable and satellite providers must provide local content and public access channels.

20.) Lunar and Mars Habitation act
  a. Our nation will build colonies on the moon and Mars over the next 100 years
  b. Phase one:
            i. A lunar colony capable of housing 500 people
            ii. Built in one of the craters known to have ice water
            iii. We will develop technologies to
                       1. Drill into the crater wall and live under the surface protected from
                       2. Solar power facilities to harness the sun
                       3. Find methods to turn the powdered lunar surface into building materials
                       4. Develop new and better materials for space exploration
                       5. Develop space craft capable of resupplying the lunar base
                       6. Do scientific studies on the effects of low gravity, radiation and other
                          effects of being on the moon and Mars over years.
c. Phase two
                       1. Build a space station in orbit beyond the moon that can build and launch
                       space craft to Mars and asteroid belt
                       2. Capable of sending resupply ships into space to be used by manned space
d. Phase three
            i. Build a space station in orbit of Mars capable of sustain 100 humans
            ii. Develop recycling methods for materials taken to Mars
           iii. Capable of receiving resupply ships from the Lunar space station
e. Phase four: Mars colony

21.) Civil Union / Marriage Act
  a. The Separation of Church and State must remain intact. Marriage will be returned to
      the Church. Marriage licenses will be changed to Civil Union Licenses.
  b. Every county in all 50 States will change the wording on the Marriage License to Civil
      Union License for all people in the United States of America.
  c. Since we now recognize two same sex people in a relationship, why can’t we recognize
      more than 2 people in a plural relationship? Equal Rights Clause can’t discriminate
      against adults in the US.
  d. A Civil Union will be a contract between 2 or more adults in the United States similar
      to a corporation that gives them full standing in the US Court System and with the

Marriage will be returned to the church as a sacrament between God, a Man and a Woman. It historical purpose dates back to Ancient Rome and Athens and cultures before them. It was for joining of a man and woman to have children and grow our community. Gay lifestyles were tolerated but were not allowed for two same sex people to join. It had no benefit to the community or society as a whole.

22.) American voter sovereignty Act.
  a. No person may vote without a new issued Driver’s License or State ID Card
  b. This card given each state must have C or N on it. Citizen or Non-Citizen.
            i. Non-Citizens attempting to vote will be arrested and deported as a federal crime
            against our sovereignty.
  c. Any person caught committing voter fraud will forfeit their right to vote for 10 years.
  d. Any individual or group attempting to interfere with someone’s right to vote will lose
      their right to vote for 10 years

Too many of our veterans sacrificed their lives for our right to vote. It is sacred to our beacon of Democracy. Voter fraud and illegal alien voter fraud is rampant in the US. Driver’s licenses are given to illegal aliens. We have dead people being registered to vote and absentee ballots filled out for them. We need a definitive law on one U.S. Citizen, one

23.) Developed / Developing Countries Act
 • Developed Country status means:
           o You developed nuclear power plants and weapons.
           o You have a nuclear arsenal.
           o You have a nuclear powered navy.
                 § If you have any of these, You are developed
           o This means you can develop pollution controls for your power plants,
            manufacturing, and industrial plants
           o You can’t claim to be a developing country
           o You have the right to pay an equal share in everything with other developed
 • Developing Country status means
           o You are not developing nuclear or WMD weapons
           o Your military could be defeated by a Boy Scout Troop with Swiss Army Knives
           o Your military is not a threat to your neighbors

24.) Social Security and Medicare reform act
 • Remove all caps from Social Security payroll collection. Make $1 billion means you pay
    $73 million into SS.
 • 7.3% will be collected from profits of stock purchases outside tax exempted retirement
 • 7.3% will be collected from profits of hedge funds and investment banks from the
    yearly profits
 • US Government will pay back all loans from Social Security over 15 years. It will mean
    no tax breaks

24.) Public University and College Act
 • Tuition will be capped at $5000 per year for US Citizens
           o These universities will be non-profits
           o They are owned by the US Citizens and paid for with our tax dollars
           o Entrance exams will be changed so any US Citizen who can read / write at a 12th
            grade level can get in.
           o All US Students will be given first opportunity over foreign students
           o Foreign students can be dropped, if a US Student has applied and passed the
 • Trade School buildings will be added to all campuses
           o Courses in all the trade programs will be taught
 • The student will only sign the student loan papers. This gives them a stake in their
 • Parents will not be on the hook for tuition or room & board
 • Interest rates on student loans will be capped at 5%
 • STEM degrees will be tax deductable once you get a job in your field
 • Local companies and corporations will help set the curriculum for degrees to cover
      topics they need future workers to know