We have an electoral college system to stop the 10 largest cities from picking the President. Now we have a problem with a few areas of the countries that are Socialist are given too much power by their state. I propose we change the electoral college to per-county instead of per state. We have around 3100 counties across 50 states. This would make it more granular of a system. The conservatives in California would get their vote heard like the Socialists in Texas. Trump won 2626 and Hilderbeast won 487. This would be a fair system to every vote really counts.

We need a per county system for governor, senate and President

From Joel Brissette

For all the people who fell asleep in civics class…

1: There are 3,141 counties in the United States. Trump won 2,626 of them. Clinton won 487.

2: There are 62 counties in New York State. Trump won 46 of them. Clinton won 16.


3: Clinton won the popular vote by approx. 1.5 million votes.

4: In the 5 counties that encompass NYC, (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Richmond & Queens) Clinton received well over 2 million more votes than Trump. (Clinton only won 4 of these counties; Trump won Richmond) Therefore these 5 counties alone, more than accounted for Clinton winning the popular vote of the entire country.

5: These 5 counties comprise 319 square miles. The United States is comprised of 3,797,000 square miles.

6: When you have a country that encompasses almost 4 million square miles of territory, it would be ludicrous to even suggest that the vote of those who inhabit a mere 319 square miles should dictate the outcome of a national election. Large, densely populated Democrat cities (NYC, Chicago, LA, etc) don’t and shouldn’t speak for the rest of the country. And this children, is WHY you have a Electoral College. It’s a safety net so that EVERYONES vote counts.