Nathan Hale: I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.

My favorite Ben Franklin line from the movie 1776
A rebellion is always legal in the first person, such as “our rebellion.” It is only in the third person – “their rebellion” – that it becomes illegal.

1776’ John Adams: One Useless Man is Called a Disgrace; Two are Called a Law Firm; Three or More Become a Congress

1776′ Stephen Hopkins: Well, in all my years I ain’t never heard, seen nor smelled an issue that was so dangerous it couldn’t be talked about. Hell yeah! I’m for debating anything. Rhode Island says yea!

Kung fu: The first is mercy for from mercy comes courage. The second is frugality from which comes generosity to others. The third is humility for from it comes leadership.”

My late father said, you can’t make a large enough hammer to pound common sense into a person. I doubt even a Chuck Norris kick to the forehead couldn’t do it, Sorry Chuck