The indictment of Obama, Clintons, Comey, Lynch, etc.

1.) 119 Classified Emails found on her unsecured server: 119 Felonies
2.) Destroying 19 Devices and Simm Cards. 19 more
3.) Using a foriegn source to obtain the Steele Dossier and using it for FISA warrants when everyone knew it was fake and made up.

1.) Clearing Hilderbeast before they talked to her
2.) Not talking to her under oath
3.) Lying to FISA courts 3x for warrrants
4.) Colluding with other departments and members of Congress including McCain against a sitting President. Treason

1.) Obstruciton of Justice: Stopping Hilderbeast’s indictment by Comey. Same crime they wanted to charge Trump with.
2.) Weaponsizng the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, IRS and other against the American people and Trump.

Page, Ohr, Strokz, etc at DOJ and FBI. Treason for trying to remove an elected officical the President by collusion, corruption and producing false data for a FISA judge.

What Nixon did was Amatuer hour.