University tuition fees ‘should be cut to £7,500’

How about we cap tuition at State Owned Universities to $9500 with books, room and board. We give them billions. You are owned by the tax payers. All students who graduate in the top 10% that year automatically get into any school in their state. You must take state students first. Any student that qualifies from your state. You can’t put any other student ahead of them. We cap salaries at $90,000 a year for every person administrators, professors, etc. That would do more to help our country. Educate Americans first.

You cap it at under $25000. The student signs the papers. They have skin in the game now. You also don’t have professors making what a US Congressman makes. Another waste of money.

You cut a Bachelors to 2.5 years to. No reason to teach english, PE, and other stuff you just did in high school. Just your major courses

We could even lower the cost of some programs lke maybe $3,000 a year for Social Worker or jobs that don’t pay top dollar. Some schools are pricing degrees based on how much you can make.

I have read many books on the history of Italy.  They would start apprenticing at 15 years old.  How about we do the same with our community colleges, trade unions and high schools.  We have corporations and unions work with schools .  We form a partnership with the local companies on what they need in skilled workers.  Then trade unions to help get them ready and our high schools to teach the STEM courses needed to succeed.