Changes to the university my daughter might attend

Dear University, My daughter is planning on attending in 15 years. She is 3 years old. She noticed you have a Socialist Brainwashed Agenda crying room. You have rooms for Muslims to pray in. You have space available for BLM, Sanders supporters, etc. She requires a few rooms for her and her friends to attend. So she asked me to write you. This gives you 15 years to accomplish it. We just wish the same rights under the equal protection clause the socialists smack us with.

 • Roman Catholic Room
• Lutheran Room
• Greek Orthodox Room
• Russian Orthodox Room
• Presbyterian Room
• Evangelical Room
• Mormon Room
• Frisbitarian space outside, they worship Frisbees
• Wiccan space
• Satanist space
• Buddhist room
• Second Reformed Agnostic room
• Atheist Room
• Druid garden for plant worship
• Second Reformed Druid garden, they worship small plants only
• Conservative Room
• Moderate Room for all parties

Any other spaces for any religious or political views that are unique to the United States of America. Each one deserves a separate room and space since your university does not want one space for people to be American. You want everyone to be a victim in your socialist agenda. So we want special spaces and rooms for everyone to be kept apart.

Its name could be: The Socialist Agenda Separation of Ideas Community Commons

This falls into the category of Socialist Hate Replaced Capitalist Debate