Dedicated to our Socialist Governor Gretchen “Granholm on Drug” Whitmer

A few years ago it was $90 to do a square of sidewalk. This year $220. We can’t afford 2.5x the cost for concrete with 696 and 75 being done driving up the cost.

Lottery was supposed to pay for schools. It didn’t. You want more for schools

4% to 6% sales tax increase was supposed to pay for roads and schools. It didn’t.

Casinos was supposed to pay for roads and schools. It didn’t

You raised our per car fee for non-insured motorists and now gave them a path to pay zero for medical in an accident. So their costs go on us again. You screwed us on car insurance.

Truckers pay $10,000 a year for plates and $200-$300 a week in fuel taxes to pay for roads. It isn’t enough.

You want 45 cents more in gas taxes with gas close to $3 a gallon. We won’t need roads when no one will be able to afford to drive to work and businesses close.

Macomb County put in asphalt to save money. 10%. It didn’t last a year. Go to Germany and Italy and learn how they do it. I have had a Ferrari at 180 MPH on the Autostrada. No pot holes or cracks.

Audit Lansing and tell us how much is wasted on Democrack aka welfare spending. How much was stolen in schools and by our bureaucracy. Last year 56 in Detroit were indicted for stealing $200 million. How many more?