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Life begins at conception.
Socialism begins at deception!

Without conception their is no gestation.

We know that those two cells, if allowed to go through the growth cycle in 9 months will become a living, breathing human.  No one can dispute this. 

NASA spends billions on finding life in the universe.  Being it 1 cell or ET.  Everyone wants to find ET.  

When conception happens, we know it is not an alien life form ready to pop out your chest.  We know in a month or two, the women is pregnant.  We can pick up the nervous system and heart beat forming.   We know each stage of development on the ultrasound.  We can watch it become a human.  Your immune system doesn’t attack it as a virus or foreign object.  It knows its there. 

Our children are almost 2 and 4 years old. I have their ultrasounds on their web site. I look at them and say WOW! Best thing my wife and I did.

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