How to explain communism to your children?Two work and one doesn’t.  You have 3 children.  You pay the first one $15 to clean the kitchen.  You pay the second one $15 to clean the bathroom.  The 3rd one plays on his Xbox.  When the first two are done, you pay them both $15.  Then, you take $10 in taxes from them.  You give the 3rd child playing Xbox $5 for doing nothing.  You pocket the $15.  You send all three children into the garage attic to sleep.  You stay in the nice warm house and make dinner for one.

Your children want food.  You give them a refrigerator in the garage that is barely stocked with food.  Most of it is almost expired or is expired.   You turn off the circuit to the garage and go to sleep.   You only provide them with electricity when it is functional.

When they complain about it, you remind them they have no rights, due process and you send the ring leader into the backyard for re-education camp. 

The tax rates are 67%.  Everything is rationed from electricity, food, medical, and transportation.

For you the Communist Elite, you enjoy a full refrigerator, electricity, cars, planes and all of the perks of your position.