If Dr. Birx is right about the CDC

Influenza + Pneumonia US 2018 14.9 deaths per 100K

Covid 18.88 deaths per 100K

11155.29 jobs lost per 100K

12,000+ Negligent homicide cases for putting Covid into Nursing Homes in Blue States

Sweden 27,272 3,313 12.10% 32.53 deaths per 100K. They did nothing except asked you to do it. I have been to Sweden.

You can isolate. Get food and groceries delivered. You can pay your bills online instead of going to Kroger to do it. This reduces your mail, so you can stop your mail. You are giving up your freedoms by doing this.

Cuomo said 66% of cases came from homes that did isolate. 85% of people who got it and died had the list of pre-existing conditions. If you have them, you can take measures to protect yourself.

If you are not in the group, herd immunity is far better method of protection. Self-isolate causes your immune system to fail because you are not exposed daily to everything.

Freedom and liberty is granted so that all Americans have equal rights. If we choose to go out in public, without a mask. You can stay away from us. I see many people over 70, I bet many over 80 with no mask. They survived small pox.

We have this diseases come about every 2 years.

Your fear and panic do more harm to your immune system than Dem-Panic.

Suicide numbers in most counties are higher than Covid deaths. More people will die of cancer for not getting treated. Domestic abuse cases out number Covid.

It was so ICUs were not filled and we had time to get PPE, respirators and ventilators. Then NY wanted 34,000 ventilators and used only 5200 on the worst day. We call it getting played and lied to. We need term limits on all elected officials and to revoke their power to shut down business and kill jobs.