From those who are gifts that keep giving

Just like Fat King George getting the Declaration of Independence did.

I am your King. You are my servants

In November, We The People return the favor to your party. That speech was about a Tuskegee airman making Brig. General, great grandson wanting to join Space Force, about a fallen soldier and his brave son, An African American Girl getting a scholarship. Trump made MLK’s Dream a Reality and his speech gave the Democrat Party it’s worse nightmare.
You awoke a sleeping giant with a terrible resolve. Your base just left your party.
Every Libertard on late night said Trump’s speech hit every American.
Chris Matthews summed it up. The Democrats can’t organize a 3 car funeral. Pelosi proved it at the SOTU ripping up the speech

The impeachment is the Democrat’s Gettysburg. Pelosi, as Longstreet, said no articles of impeachment can crack Trump’s wall. The wall across the the Senate chambers is long and difficult.

Schiff, as General Lee, we are going for it. Nadler, as Pickett, go impeach Trump. They marched across the halls of Congress to attack Trump’s wall. The high water mark of the battle is entering the Senate Chambers. Their army of loons crossed the halls of Congress and are on their way to Trump’s wall in the Senate Chambers. After the GOP clear Trump of all charges, Nadler goes back to Schiff, Reform your party for another impeachment. Sir I have no party.


Communists in Congress are losing because they awoke a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve. The giant is called America. Japan made this mistake.  I guess they don’t read the history books.

I figured out Pelosi mouse remark.

“There’s a little mouse trap who’s got a little piece of cheese on there, and there’s a mouse about to take it and that’s called the middle class … And around it are fat cats,” or big businesses.

Pelosi met Obama and Hilderbeast at the new Obama house. Obama and Hilderbeast were binge watching Pinky and the Brain to figure out how their plan went wrong. They were discussing what happened in 2016 as Pelosi walked in the room and thought the show was real. more to get Trump elected than you will ever realize. Keep up the great work.