The Civil War was fought for States’ Rights. Our Founding Fathers believed in strong States’ Rights and a weak Federal Government made up of three branches: Executive, Legislative and Judicial. The Federal Government was supposed to handle defense from foriegn attacks, international affairs, common road and rail standards to allow commerce, and a common currency. It could help negoiate state to state disputes. It was not supposed to butt in to the affairs of the states.

After Fat King George’s tyranny over the colonies and the defeat of the British Empire. Our citizens did not want another dictator ruling over them. They wanted their state elected officials to create the laws they lived under. The socialist agenda of ruling like a King was against the will of the people. They were independent and strong citizens.

Two Narratives of the Civil War: North: Stopping Slavery vs. South: States’ Rights and Founding Father’s view of Federal Government

North: Northern States were moving away from agriculture and into industry and manufacturing. The need for a large workforce was no longer needed. Slavery no longer was neccasary for their economy.

South: Slavery was about cheap labor for crops like Tobacco and Cotton. 1.8% of citizens owned slaves. Most of these families that owned the plantation trace their lineage back to the British Empire. The leaders of the South supported slavery and wanted to keep it. This was a small group of people, like our oligarchy today. Most of the Southern citizens did not think King Lincoln should be grabbing power over them. It was about being ruled from their State Capitols.

These Southern Aristocrats became the Democratic Party.

Would they have kept slavery, if a cheap large workforce was needed? What is the modern form of slavery: Destruction of our public schools to create an uneducated workforce? Welfare? Drugs and Crime? Prisons?

Democrats Against Citizens of America (DACA) founders created Chain Migration in the 1700s

I know the Democrats Against Citizens of America (DACA) will claim that their party’s past had 100% employment for African Americans in the 1700s. Their Unpaid Agricultural Interns Relocated from Africa by Chain Migration filled every job for them. They provided all their food, shelther, clothing. Took care of generations of their families. Help some relocate to other jobs in the States and around the country.

Created Slavery

Started a Civil War to protect your institution of Slavery

Created the KKK.  Had members of the KKK in Congress up to the 1970s that Biden has fond memories of

Created Segregation and defended it to the 1970s.

Created Democrack aka Welfare so the Slaves went to generations of enslaved to your party